Pleasing’s New Collaboration Is a Celebration of Joy and Color

When Harry Styles announced his company, Pleasing, in 2021, the singer didn’t tout it as a beauty brand—rather a “life brand.” Nevertheless, it launched with three skin-care and manicure products—a nail polish set, an illuminating serum, and a roller serum pen—and the intention was to offer “joyful experiences and products that excite the senses and blur the boundaries.” A year later, Pleasing is expanding with a new collaboration: It has partnered with Brazil-born designer Marco Ribeiro on a playful assortment of products, including apparel, that celebrates happiness and color.


The limited-edition collection with the Paris-based Ribeiro releases today, and the collaboration includes five new categories for Pleasing. There’s a palette of pressed power pigments ($50), a trio of universal cream pigments ($40), a multiuse gloss ($25), five new shades of nail polish ($20 to $65 each), and two logo hoodies ($110 each). Styles has been a fan of Ribeiro’s work for some time. The musician has worn his whimsical designs in editorials as well as in the art for his latest album, Harry’s House. “To me, the way Marco uses color is so inspiring,” says Styles. “Everything he makes radiates fun, joy, and playfulness. When we started discussing collaborators for Pleasing, Marco was the first person I wanted to ask.

With their assortment, the pair wanted to offer easy, multifunctional products that reflected Ribeiro’s polychromatic outlook. The pressed powder pigments—in earthy tones with pops of pink, orange, and purple—have a wet-to-dry formula that can be applied with fingers, a brush, or sponge. “It’s very universal—you can use it anywhere, from your eyes to your cheeks,” says Ribeiro. “Or you can mix it with the gloss and use it on your lips.” The cream pigments are a trio of buildable creams that can be worn alone or mixed together (the shades include a vibrant blue, yellow, and pink). The gloss, meanwhile, can be used across lips, eyes, and skin for a wet-look finish. 

During the formulations process for the pigments, Ribeiro adds that it was important for the selected shades be inclusive for all. “That was the most important for me as a Black person; it needs to look good on any skin type,” he says.

Given polish was one of Pleasing’s most successful items from its debut launch, it had to offer new nail hues, too. “The colors are inspired from my past collections,” says Ribeiro, who is showing during Paris Fashion Week. “For me, colors say so much—it’s like a language.” They landed on five shades: a matte brown, a vibrant orange and green, and a glossy aquamarine and burgundy. (Only the brown is available for solo purchase; the others are available as a two-piece set.) All the polishes are biodegradable, vegan, and cruelty-free, and the names are in Portuguese—a nod to Ribeiro’s heritage. “I tried to bring my personality into it,” he says.

Pleasing also expanded its apparel offering with this launch. Ribeiro created two logo hoodies for the brand: The brown and yellow hoodie is called the Mais, and the pink and red hoodie is called the Amor—combining to say mais amor, “more love” in Portuguese. “We’re sharing love with the world right now,” says Ribeiro. “People need that now, especially coming off the pandemic.” The hoodies are cut and sewn in Los Angeles and made of 100 percent cotton. Whichever item Styles fans end up picking out, however, Ribeiro has one hope for customers: To have fun with it all. “It’s an invitation to be playful, to experiment, and to enjoy yourself,” he says. “The products don’t have rules!”