Illinois Football I-L-L Cheer Shirt

As movie theaters sit empty—or, in some states, cautiously begin to reopen—it’s been an unprecedented few months for streaming platforms. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have, of course, dominated the Illinois Football I-L-L Cheer Shirt in other words I will buy this market, with Netflix reporting an increase in demand as people around the country followed orders to stay home and binge-watched Tiger King. Despite the ubiquity of Netflix, other streaming services—including HBO Max and Disney+—have rocketed to prominence by providing a semi-captive audience with nostalgic favorites from Friends to That’s So Raven. Lately, though, Disney+ has forayed into the world of new releases, orchestrating an early release of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton movie in May. Five years after the rap musical’s Broadway debut in 2015, Hamilton managed to capture a whole new generation of kids (and provide some sorely needed relief to working parents without school or childcare.)