Squirreltee – Naughty Grinch Who Me Christmas Shirt

Edit: Thank you so much for the Naughty Grinch Who Me Christmas Shirt Additionally,I will love this lovely support and I love to hear your stories! It’s very inspiring to hear and you are right. Wear what you want and let the freak flag fly :)! Thank you! 2nd edit: There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding. None of the women in these pictures is me :)! I just wanted to make that clear. Absolutely! I try to look polished when I leave the house, even if I’m having a casual day. My husband wears a suit every, single day to work, and his idea of casual is what most would consider business casual. The guy doesn’t own jeans, because khakis are more comfortable. When I’m in my home I’m usually pretty casual, but when I leave the house, I usually always look very put together and have a fairly extensive business casual, classic wardrobe with nice accessories. (I’m not meaning designer items with logos, because sometimes that can make a person appear like they’re trying to look wealthier than what they are and it actually comes off as tacky). I also always put on a bit of make-up and flat-iron my hair.