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Anchorage is like any city with all kinds of activities to occupy one’s time. Temperatures are actually fairly moderate compared to cities in the Pray for 3 T-Shirt Damar Hamlin moreover I will buy this Great Lakes portion of the country. Juneau is very limited by comparison and actually kind of remote and somewhat landlocked. It’s not nearly as fun to live there as say Anchorage. A little bit milder temperatures as well. Fairbanks is a very different way of life. Winters are cold, long and brutal. Winter months have almost no sun. Fights are the norm on weekends and an occasional killing may result. Too much darkness, alcohol and boredom! Great hunting and fishing surrounds the area but summer and fall seasons are short! Fairbanks, Alaska—named for former Indiana Sen. Charles Fairbanks—is truly a frontier. The gateway to the Arctic is spread out on a seemingly endless plain in the Tanana Valley, with only a few downtown high-rises and plenty of log cabins dotting the residential districts.