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Judaism is pro-life—but according to my rabbi and Jewish medical ethics professor, it’s not considered murder and the Se Non Hai Rachele Nella Tua Vita Allora Devi Incazzarti Shirt But I will love this mother’s life always, always, comes first. There’s rabbinic opinion all over the map but yes, circumstances of conception may be a factor. The decision regarding abortion is always, ALWAYS, made by a woman, her doctor, and her religious advisor: NOT a court and NOT a legislature. Personally when I heard her discussing picking a running mate I presumed she had dropped out of the race. That is always a sign of a failed campaign. Many are making the distinction between religious and cultural Christians. While I agree that this is an axis, I think that atheist / theist is another. Some would say this requires a literal belief in the whole Bible. However Jesus himself did not say this. Also of course he never used the term ‘Christian’ nor was he one himself. Furthermore much of the Bible was not yet written when he was around.