Peacefulpremium – We Are With You Damar Hamlin #DamarStrong Shirt

At first, the We Are With You Damar Hamlin #DamarStrong Shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this image would be in black and white. But according to the observed intensities, RGB were assigned and the color picture was obtained. The data that each observatory gathered was so huge such that they were not able to be transferred over the internet rather, they were transferred using physical hard disks. These observations were done for 10 days continuously for 10 days and it took 2 years to compile and get an accurate output. I have posted some of them before in some other posts but let me put a few together here and let the readers decide which is the best. Below is a picture of me as a Post graduate student at the University of Roorkee, in 1972, now called IIT Roorkee. The fourth picture below was taken in 1973 while a student at IIT Roorkee. I stood stiff and nervous because my mom told me this picture was being sent to my wife’s family for them to have a look at the prospective groom. She asked me to look my best! This was the first picture of me that my wife was given to know what the groom looked like. And for the fifth and final one, here is how I looked in 1980, five years after my marriage. Bell Bots were the rage then. Women still wore sarees. There is a whole big album of B&W pictures like these, but I need to scan them. Maybe I will find time someday to do the job.