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And a basic T-shirt that is comfortable to wear, washable, durable and not easily deformed. This has certain requirements for its fabric material, workmanship, and version. 1. Fabric material When choosing a T-shirt for daily wear, the We Stand With Damar Hamlin Shirt Furthermore, I will do this first thing to look at is the fabric. Common T-shirt fabrics are roughly: pure cotton, polyester, cotton blend 1 gram weight (g) does not refer to the weight of a piece of clothing, it refers to the weight of fabric per square meter. Don’t wait until you’re stupid to buy the clothes and weigh them, and then go to the boss and tell you about this T-shirt The weight is wrong… The weight can also be understood as the thickness of the clothes. The higher the weight of the fabric, the thicker the clothes. On the contrary, the lower the weight, the thinner and thinner. Too thin will reveal the dew point.