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Invite other “strays” over for a holiday pot luck supper, watch all the Heart Damar Pray For Damar Cincinnati Buffalo Shirt moreover I love this cheesy children’s cartoons (Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol is my favorite), volunteer someplace, go caroling, read the Christmas Gospels to shut-ins/ nursing home residents, make some eggnog and invite the neighbors over for a cup. Aside from the fact that one of my aunt’s knows how to make the juciest turkey of all time, (and I love to drown everything in gravy) a few of my favourite holiday dishes that always find their way to our thankgiving feasts are- If you’ve never had bread pudding before, try it,it amazing in all its many incarnations, vanila, apple, chocolate chip, whatever, but I brought this particuar recipie to a thanksgiving about 5 years ago and its become a tradition. If you want to try it, I’d suggest using a loaf of kings hawiian bread instead of whatever bread they suggest, just make sure to let it get stale or dry it out in an oven. The recipie I use is somewhere in one of my grandmothers cookbooks, but it has a truly hearstopping amount of cheese and cream. Ours looks similar to the picture above, but a little firmer. It sounds like a really weird combination, collored greens, grits, and bacon, but it is heavenly and has been at every thanksgiving as long as I can remember.