Squirreltee – Buffalo Bills Life Is Bigger Than Football Damar Hamlin Signature Shirt

We up and coming drummers knew the Buffalo Bills Life Is Bigger Than Football Damar Hamlin Signature Shirt but in fact I love this famous drummers by the drums they used. Ringo used Ludwig, Charlie Watts used Gretch and Dave Clark of the Dave Clark Five used Rogers. I went the Ludwig way. You may find the following interesting. It tells about the drums and set ups he used in much detail throughout his career. I disagree with the GOAT concept in music and art (it’s not sports), but in the spirit of the question… no, not at all. “Looney Mooney” was a talented and unique drummer. He was obviously skilled at many things, especially his fills and chops, but he lacked so many things that would be required for consideration as GOAT. As an obvious example, he was such an inadequate time-keeper that the band frequently relied on other members for this role. This is why he could be all over the place in his drumming and yet everything stayed in place. This made for some incredibly unique songs in rock history, but it was a team effort.