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If your baby was sleeping through the James Harrison Legend Pittsburgh Steelers Shirt moreover I will buy this night on their own before, and suddenly stopped, it might be a sleep regression or growth spurt’s fault. Baby sleep regressions, including the infamous 4 month sleep regression, usually last 1-4 weeks. Be patient during times like this and focus on the fact that it won’t last. I have four children and they are all vastly different and this included their sleep patterns when they were babies. My youngest fell asleep in five minutes and woke up 7 hours later as long as her belly was full before we laid her down. Because evolution has shaped them to need and want their mothers. Babies cannot live without them, and they love them (even if they cannot outwardly show it because they are too immature). They cry to show their distress at being separated from them. It’s better — easier and much more effective and pleasant — to re-organize your life to meet the infant’s very real need for continual contact, than it is to attempt to train a baby to be okay with not being held by his mother. It’s also healthier for the mother. Both benefit. It’s not forever. Just the first few months at least, and as long after as you both desire. Babies who are held a lot are more secure, and they become independent more quickly if they are secure, than if independence is forced on them prematurely. Babies cannot self regulate their body temperatures. If it is 70 degrees and you are comfortable in light clothing then your baby should be as well with an added blanket or swaddle. Not all babies are the same of course and the best guideline would be to monitor your baby individually instead of trusting someone’s (doctor, relative) “one size fits all” parenting. A baby’s skin should NOT be cold or hot to the touch. The best place to monitor their temperature is from the back of their neck. The skin should be warm and dry. Also remember that the ears and feet release the most heat on the body. If these are covered on a baby, their temperature will more likely be maintained. Also check to see if your baby is showing any signs of distress. A baby who cannot settle and sleep might be too hot or too cold and therefore uncomfortable.