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The first thing my co-worker and friend told me when I arrived in Athens was that cars have right-of-way over pedestrians. I chuckled, but it’s a true statement. Streets, particularly those in residential areas, are narrower than American roads, and cars can go pretty fast, so you have to be cautious and patient when crossing a road. As big as Athens is, it has a convenient public transportation system that was quite easy to understand. I can hop on the Marshon Lattimore New Orleans Saints Player Number shirt Also,I will get this train/metro and get from the eastern side of Athens (in Iraklio) to the Piraeus port in 45 minutes for 1.40 Euros. Most metros are colorfully covered by graffiti, making each one a unique piece of art. If you ever spend a night in Athens, you’ll find that it’s a city that never sleeps. The first time I was in Athens, I was jet lagged and could hear cars constantly driving through a main street at 3 and 4am. I’ve also gone out with friends and stayed out till 6 am. I’ll just say this: You can’t really go wrong no matter which island you pick. They’re beautiful places to visit and live up to the hype. And each of them is different. Hydra was really idyllic. And Santorini looked just like the postcards.