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Begin a twice-daily routine of mantra meditation and never skip a session. Ever. There is no need to get caught up in elaborate theorizing. All that truly matters is allowing the Los Angeles Chargers Dicker The Kicker shirt and by the same token and mind to settle down so that one transcends thought and reaches Pure Consciousness, your True Self, Infinite Bliss and Peace. I began on my spiritual path in earnest around four years ago. I studied New Thought authors who quoted the Bible, with which I was very familiar from my years as a fundamentalist Christian. In pure self interest, I began actually obeying Jesus, whom I believe to be an allegorical figure who represents mankind’s potential when he is one with God. I try to love others and see beyond their programming. I try to forgive. Whenever I judge someone else, I look inside, because I know I’ll find that same thing in me. I started noticing a lot of synchronicities. When I desired something, it would show up. I started seeing 1111 all the time. I found out they were called angel numbers, and when I finally realized someone was speaking with me, I started getting a bunch of different numbers.