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Indian politians come in all kind of attires, headgear, depending on the South Dakota State Football FCS National Champions 2022 Shirt it is in the first place but customs of the region or the society they come from. Some of them talk polite, some with added desi intonation and language, some scream to ensure parliament doesn’t run. In addition to the necessary dose of selfishness, american polititians usually put the nation first. With a lot of indian polititians, one wonders! Name recognition is a BIG reason. If you see the names Stalone, Leonard Dicaprio, Tom Cruise…. You know the names and assume that they are the characters that they have portrayed. A trained actor, couldn’t Clooney act like a knowledgable, experienced powerful president? Wouldn’t millions believe him? Trump, the game show host. While he was losing his ass, filing bankruptcies, he was ACTING incredibly knowledgeable on his TV show. His TV persona belittled people, looked down on them, and with the wave of his mighty hand dismissed them, fired them! Politicians should work towards removing the need for food banks, the fact the 6th richest country on the planet has people who work yet still can’t afford rent, power and food without resorting to handouts is a scandal of epic proportions. In the mean time, yes, politicians should should help the food banks, using their influence to help supplies and funds. Unlike my local MP – David Morris (Conservative obviously) who denies his seaside constituency of Morecambe and Lunesdale has any issues with poverty, Universal Credit is just going marvellously and anyone using the food banks is a scrounger… Not always, but the practice does seem much more prevalent when cameras can record the fact. Especially around election time.