Teespix – Rainbo First Blood Unicorn Parody Shirt

You bring so much humor and positivity to what you do. Why are these things so important to you, particularly in Hollywood and the Rainbo First Blood Unicorn Parody Shirt Apart from…,I will love this beauty world? I take my craft super seriously, and I work hard and plan ahead, but I don’t take myself seriously. I’m not a doctor—yet? [Laughs]—and I’m not saving lives. I’m literally crimping hair for a music video! This should be fun! I always say to my clients, especially on set, “Look around! We’re all living our dreams right now! Isn’t this so cool?!” I can always tell when someone’s glam is done by a humorless or joyless person, no offense. [Laughs] The beauty industry should be more inclusive and positive and fun! I think it’s heading that way! I used to put limits on myself, but after the amazing year I’ve had, I’m going to aim big. I’d love to keep working with my clients and helping them make their dreams and visions come to life. And I definitely want to keep doing fun videos and on-camera stuff, maybe for a bigger platform or maybe a streaming service. Maybe that’s already in the works, who knows?! [Laughs] But most importantly, I just want to keep getting better at my craft and venturing into new territories. As Lindsay says at the end of Mean Girls, the limit does not exist! Selena Gomez is back. On set for her second Vogue Beauty Secrets video, the 29-year-old superstar, who can be seen alongside Steve Martin in the new Hulu comedy series Only Murders in the Building, is setting the stage for her getting-ready routine with a scented candle and a drop of a calming patchouli essential oil dotted onto her wrists. “It gets me in the mood,” she explains, as she caters to her complexion with cucumber eye patches and a resurfacing serum from Tatcha.