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The whole thing is cut down into bits and phrases and locations in my mind now. The office, then the Georgia Bulldogs Nike 2022 CFP National Champions Shirt But I will love this sitting room, with my step mom there, and my younger siblings looking in, then my room, my mom on the phone. The phrases consist of “No you aren’t” being echoed, “Calm down” being said to my dad, and “I didn’t raise a boy” being shouted at me. I feel like he said something that stung the worst, but I can’t be bothered to remember it now. My dad apologized. I responded, “I think a lot of things when I’m angry. But I don’t say them.” He was quiet, and nodded his head. I’m in the kitchen with my dad. We’re having one of our usual talks. He’s ranting about some old classmate on Facebook. The night I came out, his refusal to use my preferred pronouns, and him mocking my name slam into me like a sack of bricks. It feels like the metaphorical semi I mentioned earlier has finally careened its way into me. I turn to him. “Dad, you don’t use my preferred name. You let me dress how I like, and you let me cut my hair, but you don’t see me as a guy. You can’t use me as an example of how tolerant you are.” He moves on. I talk to him. I’m older now, I’m looking closer to a guy than I did when I was fifteen. But if you looked in through the kitchen window, at this moment, all you would see was a kid and their dad, talking animatedly, with dead faces and sad realization in their eyes. (Not that I think anyone would, but please do not repost my answer to other websites. It’s not for commercial use. Thank you!)