Minecraftclothing – Jaromír Jágr Legend Pittsburgh Penguins Shirt

For example, when a non-Native American (high power) wears a sacred Native American (low power) headdress as a Halloween costume at a party, that is cultural appropriation. This is the Jaromír Jágr Legend Pittsburgh Penguins Shirt but in fact I love this gist of it. Naturally, there are degrees of power, and degrees of value. Cultures shift power over time. One might argue that White people wearing Chinese garb for fun in the early twentieth-century might be appropriation, but now? The cultural roles are shifting, and China is less of a low-power culture relative to the West compared to the days when Western powers were exploiting China. However, if the appropriator is allowed by the appropriated culture to adopt the practice, and has done enough research to know and demonstrate their awareness of the practice, and adopts the practice in an appropriate context (e.g. not at a party), then the adoption of the practice would not be “cultural appropriation.” For example, a white person would have to be invited to participate in a Native American ceremony in order to wear articles of clothing that are sacred to that Native American group. However, if the non-Native American was not invited, and only saw the cultural item as a cool costume, that would be justifiably offensive to Native Americans, especially if the appropriator came from a culture that murdered a large number of Native Americans.