Salmontee – Lexington on Saturdays Miami on Sundays shirt

are meant to be the Lexington on Saturdays Miami on Sundays shirt and I love this natural norm, not the unfamiliar exceptions that society has caused due to its dictating the clothing assignments people are bullied to pick from. Absolutely! I’m assuming a women’s yoga bodysuit is a bodysuit, perhaps with leggings, like the 1980’s aerobic workout look (thinking Olvia Newton John in Let’s Get Physical – So hot!!). Women’s bodysuits fit a guy just fine. I love wearing a women’s bodysuit, especially with leggings. Here’s a few pics… Well, physically, of course they can. There’s no law of physics repelling the male gender from the colour pink. I don’t feel I’ve really said much here, so I’ll add something. Interestingly, pink is a non-spectral colour; it does not appear in the colour spectrum. Instead, it is formed by mixing a greyscale colour (white, black, or grey) with a spectral colour. Pink is red, a spectral colour, mixed with white, a greyscale colour.