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“I had this one particular student that had an A+ in reading, but her word count was low. One day I asked her why she wasn’t reading and she told me that the Tucson Basketball Retro Shirt and I love this books that they have at the school library were dull, and that she wanted to read more books that focused on African-American characters,” Okpo recalls. An avid reader from an early age, Okpo already had some young adult books in her personal library. The next day, she brought her student Tiffany D. Jackson’s book called Monday’s Not Coming. “She would read it during class and during lunch. In a matter of three days, she completed the book and requested another book to read. She was also a popular student and my other students would see her reading, and come to me for books.” By doing this, students with low word counts caught up within weeks. “Everybody is a reader, you just have to find the right book that speaks to your soul.”