Squirreltee – Greed Monster Trump T-Shirt

Use anything from a Handy cam to DSLR (Gives the Greed Monster Trump T-Shirt it is in the first place but best quality a short film needs) that you can afford. If you can’t afford price, you can rent it. If you can’t afford the rent, there is always a friend who is called a professional photographer since he has a DSLR to click DPs. If you have any, use his. If he is interested in photography, he can be your cinematographer. If you don’t have him, wait until you make money. You can use your college/school locations, friend’s houses. But to shoot at any public place, you will need permission from Police Department, which you can get from the location’s area’s police station. Or you will need two friends at each corner to make sure no police sees you.