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After we ate dinner, mom eased up quite a bit. If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought that she felt bad about subjecting me to what she did that day. She also let me stay up late again so that we could watch a movie. I fell asleep about halfway through it, and just barely remember mom carrying me back to my room to lay me in my bed. I must have had another accident after I fell asleep, as the Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins AFC Playoffs 2023 Shirt in other words I will buy this last thing I remember was mom changing me into a dry diaper and sliding the rhumbas back up over it; in spite of the fact that she said she wouldn’t! True to her word, other than changing diapers and outfits of course, I stayed dressed like a toddler for the rest of the weekend. Thankfully, we didn’t go anywhere else; I’m not sure I would’ve been emotionally capable of dealing with any more humiliation than I had already. The following week of school wound up being fairly smooth, considering the situation. Until the day before the last day of school, when one of the girls in my class realized that the white shorts I was wearing were exactly like hers; a fact that she felt the need to share with the entire class. At least it didn’t happen until the last couple of hours before school let out, so I didn’t have to put up with too much teasing. The last day of school, however, was a completely different story. That was the day mom made me wear the bright pink shorts. Field day, as it was called, was basically a half a day of recess, get our report cards, and go home after lunch. Of course, being outside, the entire school could see what I was wearing! Including the one kid in my class that would bully me almost daily. I’d managed to keep the fact I was wearing diapers to school a secret all week; there was no way I would get found out on the last day of school after school was already out! I ran all the way home that day, never to be so glad to be back home where I couldn’t have anyone over or go outside!