Peacefulpremium – St Patricks Day Coffee Cozy Shamrock Shirt

I am 5′7 and about 130 lbs. I find it a bit challenging to buy suits, but have actually come to love all of the St Patricks Day Coffee Cozy Shamrock Shirt moreover I love this suits i own with some tailoring. Here is me at a gala event for my university, with a suit that i had slightly tailored. The modern trendy suit has different features to exaggerate the wearer’s height, slim waisted and lean body. It opposes the “classic fitted” suit which is a boxier and looser fit with broad padded shoulders. It’s (hopefully) a well-known fact that one of the first things a woman will notice about you is, well, your footwear game. To us ladies, what you choose to put on your feet tells us a dozen things about you before you even mutter a single word. Are you a lazy jobless guy still living in his parents’ basement and shopping at Walmart (socks and sandals), a self-tanning enthusiast who secretly body waxes and wears too-tight jeans (Pumas), or a high-maintenance type who might care more about his hair than he does about yours and still thinks he lives in a fraternity house (suede moccasins)? These are the thoughts that run through our head. Seriously! The care you take in choosing your footwear directly translates to the care you take in all other situations in life–at least, that’s how we see it. A man who wears Converse All Stars might be laid back, artsy, and fun. A man who sports suede chukkas or knows how to rock a pair of leather double monk strap dress shoes is a man I’ll probably give my number to (given he has a nice personality, of course. But hey, the shoes help).