Squirreltee – The Wild Card Comeback Final 31-30 Shirt

-Cotton: Cotton is the The Wild Card Comeback Final 31-30 Shirt but in fact I love this most popular type of shirt that you can print on. Cotton shirts feel softer and more comfortable than any other type of shirt. -Polyester: Polyester feels much thinner than cotton, so it is better to use if you want a lighter shirt. -Cotton/polyester blend: These shirts are made from 50% polyester and 50% cotton. They’re great because they offer the softness of cotton with some of the durability of polyester. -Rayon: Rayon has been found to be one of the best fabrics to print on because it is lightweight, very absorbent, and wrinkle resistant. It also feels smooth against your skin. The only downside to rayon is that it cannot take heavy loads or repeated washings like the other fabrics mentioned here. You may not know this, but there are different weights of shirts. This is determined by how much fabric is on the shirt. The more fabric there is, the heavier it will be. For example, a lighter weight shirt would be good to print with an inkjet printer because it doesn’t have as much fabric to soak up and smear the ink from the printer.