Geminipremium – Beamer Rattler ’23 shirt

An even-handed, unsexist dress code would define equivalent acceptable apparel for all students and then enforce it evenly. What we have today are sexist, uneven dress codes that are obsessed with micro-managing the Beamer Rattler ’23 shirt in other words I will buy this clothing of the girls while saying almost nothing about the boys. And in enforcement, almost no dress-code violations are ever enforced against boys, even when what they are wearing is in violation of the code. An additional thing to consider is what clothes are being SOLD for boys and girls. In many US schools, boys and girls may supposedly both wear shorts of over 2″ in inseam — but girls’ shorts have not been sold in inexpensive stores with inseams of over 1″ for at least the last five years. Literally no affordable new clothing is available that fits the dress code. In theory, they are allowed to wear shorts. In practice, if they show up in any of the shorts they can buy, they are in violation of the dress code. Similarly, rules on sleevelessness in summer clothing are challenging to follow, since many short-sleeved shirts aimed at the high school girl demographic are cut ‘too revealingly’ to meet dress codes, while almost no sleeveless shirts are sold for boys except for underwear or workout purposes. They have many, many short-sleeved but not sleeveless options. Girls have few, especially since “no t-shirts” is nearly a universal in school dress codes.