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To conclude, its worth noting – as I have mentioned earlier that Hitler was a Pantheist who viewed nature as the Ball And Oats Alabama Crimson Tide Basketball Shirt But I will love this supreme force guiding humanity. His moral code he deduced from nature, at least he thought so, preservation of species was to be his sole most salient moral code. He viewed life from a Social Darwinist way. Whether this is to be considered a religion or weird philosophy is up to us. Comments: I am a supporter of historical facts and history should not be looked at from bigoted and bias angles despite what ones religious and political inclinations might be. Am sorry if you considered the comments Hitler made, which are pasted here – too long. It was the only way of showing just how complex Hitler’s thought on religion was, without of course making the answer look like propaganda, if it had been too short – cutting off other remarks and pasting the one that most suits a particular agenda would have been the case.