Minecraftclothing – Andrew McCutchen Cutch Happens Shirt

Rather than talk about fragment design itself as a label, this segment is going to be more of an introduction to the Andrew McCutchen Cutch Happens Shirt in addition I really love this godfather and grand daddy of Japanese streetwear and Ura-Harajuku culture, Hiroshi Fujiwara. Among the labels he’s created including Goodenough and Head Porter, fragment design is the project he just happens to be pretty involved in right now. Unlike a lot of the more showy streetwear labels we’ve discussed so far, Fujiwara’s work strongly embraces subtlety and simplicity; his fragment design collaborations with the numerous brands including Stussy, Visvim, Nike, Converse and Disney often involves very subtle touches such as placing the iconic lightning logo somewhere or other simple and elevating touches to establisted products. His work under Goodenough and Head Porter echo these tasteful, minimalistic sensibilities. It’s hard to pin him to a very specific style or product outside of that, either – he’s worked with so many brands on so many products that there’s definitely something for everyone somewhere in his portfolio.