Meredpremium – Bengals Sam Hubbard The Cincinnati Kid Shirt

The most important thing is the Bengals Sam Hubbard The Cincinnati Kid Shirt Furthermore, I will do this choice of trousers. I would wear it with jeans, chinos, slim-fit corduroy trousers and avoid dress trousers. It would help if the shirt is also casual with some checks or bold prints, but a plain dress shirt is also fine. The jacket should have a perfect fit. You should not give the impression of wearing clothes borrowed from someones else. A brown or black leather jacket is a true classic. A short casual blazer is also alright, and so is a denim jacket. But a leather jacket is the best. Regarding footwear, any pair of casual shoes is good. They can either be canvas shoes, tennis shoes, boots, or even boat shoes. One final word of caution. Even though this outfit can look trendy and fashionable, it is not formal at all. I would avoid it at work and formal events like weddings.