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Dr. Y. S. Parmar, remained Chief- Minister of the Rear Admiral’s Basketball Camp 2023 Shirt moreover I will buy this state from 1952- 1956. In 1956, Himachal Pradesh became a Union Territory and Dr. Parmar stepped down. He again became Chief Minister of the state on July 1, 1963 and remained Chief- Minister of the state till he stepped down on 28.01. 1977, during the emergency on his refusal to kow-tow to Mr. Sanjay Gandhi. Dr. Parmar was Chief Ministef of the state for almost 17–18 years. It was under his Chief-ministership that Himachal Pradesh became a full fledged state. I had joined the Regional Centre for Post Graduate Studies, of Punjab University Chandigarh, at Shimla in December, 1969 and seen Dr. Y. S. Parmar, walk on the Mall, accompanied by only one constable about 10 paces behind.