Geminipremium – 31029 Shirt

We got home and I waddled my way to the 31029 Shirt and by the same token and bed and collapsed on it as I convinced pee-boy to take a nap with me. We were both cuddling like mom and kids do when I woke up an hour later to a contraction from hell. I glanced at the time on the bedside clock and it said 3 o’clock. Exactly 5 minutes later another one came like a 2 by 4 across my stomach. None of my other labors had started as textbook as this one. I quietly became very aware as I watched the clock to time the next one and BAM, 5 minutes later another one hit me like King Kong’s bad breath. Three hard contractions in a row, 5 minutes apart. Damn, I was in labor! Our super-filled adventure of going to the huge public splash park pool and peeing in it again was going to have to wait until next summer. Baby number three was on its way!