Squirreltee – 31029 Shirt

After two weeks, I started making holes in my boots with a knife to get some cooler air on my feet, but it wasn’t helpful. Another week later and I switched to sneakers, like the 31029 Shirt and I love this rest: when in Rome… Especially in urban combat, sneakers have an advantage. They are lighter, have better shock absorption (your spine and kneecaps will be grateful) and are much easier to get off your feet. On the downside, they provide less ankle protection (although this is not true for all of them) and less insulation. The Croatian Army learned from their field experience and later in the war, many soldiers were wearing a sneaker model (from a three-striped brand) that combined the advantages of a combat boot with those of a sneaker. They were light but had some insulation, with a very good grip and enough ankle protection. On the downside, they didn’t have the same longevity as an army boot: after a few months in the field, you could throw them away.