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Just asked them if you can be a Tom boy and see what it is like to wear male clothes a lot of girls I know grew up wear blue jeans and tshirts just enjoy life that’s all I wear I’m male I would start with trying to get gender neutral clothes and then slowly have the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs 2022 AFC Championship High Definition T-Shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this clothes get more and more masculine. No, you should carry on acting like the girl you are. And consider the question “Is trying to be a boy worth the relationship and support I get from my parents?” You’re you! See, that’s the problem with labels: you label yourself “Trans (FTM)” and get all worked up at the smallest hiccup. Do what you want, wear what you want. You’ll still be you! :-)) A while back there we’re questions on Quora about binders from transboys. I realized I’d worked with quite a few transkids, but had never even seen a picture of a binder. I just knew they could be a little dangerous if not used right. I had a couple of hours to get educated, and found a great site. It’s run by a handsome, funny, caring young guy (25) named Jamie. Jammidodger Jamie is a transman and pretty happy about it. He has hundreds of short videos on just about every topic for transkids, not just transboys. The videos are hilarious, supportive, and full of good information presented in a fun way. If I were a transkid, the videos would definitely make me feel better about myself.