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I have never discriminated against anyone because of their religious beliefs. I, however, have been discriminated against. It’s not okay to go up to someone and say “If you don’t accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are going to Hell.” Everyone is entitled to have their own beliefs and people need to respect that. Also, there are over 4000 different religions throughout the Cincinnati Football Better Send Those Refunds – Joe Burrow Shirt Additionally,I will love this world, so how can anyone assume that their religion is right and everyone else is wrong? Jesus say :”I am the way , the truth and the life. “.he loves you he cares about you, he is waiting for you and promise you eternal life in heaven. Because he died for those who trust him. God bless you It is quite obvious from most of Hitler’s rhetoric (the ones he made in private) that he detested the Judeo-Christian conception of God. Although he never made such anti-religious (Christian) statements in public because it obviously would be detrimental to his image – in his personals rhetoric to party comrades and some General select, it is quite obvious he was no fan of religion. But that did not mean he hated religion altogether, or wanted to rid Germany total of religion like the Soviet Union tried to do. A lot of people who try to shed light on Hitler’s religion propagandize it; “Hitler was an atheist, he wanted turning everyone in Germany into atheists too”, “Hitler was a born Catholic, he was religious [In Mein Kampf he said he was doing the lord’s work by fighting the Jews]”. There are many more misinformed conceptions of Hitler and religion, it isn’t simple, the phrases above make it seem like it is. Most of them are half-truths, lies or blatant nonsense. Explaining Hitler and what he thought of religion is more than a one line statement, let’s take a dive.