Teespix – I Feel A Story Coming On Charlie’s Colorforms City Shirt

I’m proud of all the I Feel A Story Coming On Charlie’s Colorforms City Shirt besides I will buy this looks we did in the “Brutal” video. She trusted me to take risks, and I just love doing music videos because those looks last forever. I prepped for weeks, and we only ended up using about one third of the stuff I created.Many of your hair looks for Olivia and beyond seem to nod to the late ’90s and ’00s. What do you love about these eras for hair, and why do you think they’re making such a comeback right now? I came of age during that era, and my room was covered in magazine cutouts, so that aesthetic is always ingrained in everything I do. That era wasn’t about being perfect and snatched and filtered. It was about being playful, whimsical, and daring. It was also an incredibly wide-ranging and diverse era for hair. There weren’t just, like, five trends. There were dozens. I think people just want to express themselves and have fun and break rules when it comes to beauty right now.