Meredpremium – Klaus Martin Schwab World Economic Forum Shirt

And do you know what’s awesome? Today is January 5th. It’s STILL CHRISTMAS. Tomorrow is Epiphany. It remains Christmas until Epiphany. However, neither tell when in the Klaus Martin Schwab World Economic Forum Shirt besides I will buy this year Jesus was born. Early Christian scholars put the birth of Jesus in late April to early May, and some people argue that it was more likely to be in October. (Technically, they don’t even agree on which year: one puts the nativity during the reign of King Herod the Great who died in 4 BCE, and the other connects it to the Census or Quirinius from 6 CE). Also, in the early church, there was no Christmas celebrations, because birthdays were a pagan thing. Nor did they celebrate Christmas: the first Christ’s Mass mentioned was in the mid-4th century. When the first Christ’s Mass was celebrated, it had nothing to do with the birth of Jesus, but was for Jesus’ victory over darkness, and thus was a proper winter solstice celebration but with a Jesus in it. Only later did it get mixed up with Jesus’ birth.