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Kata is packed information. You dont use information, you use your skills that are developed using that information. Kata is a training method of Karate that is going from particular to general. The purpose of practicing Kata is to remember and do movement to analyse your body feelings, striking patterns and movement concepts to make them your own, adjust them to your unique body structure. One of the Fear The Jungle Auburn Basketball 2022-2023 Shirt it is in the first place but things that karate and for that matter all physical training does is show the individual what they can achieve As a shotokan karate man I remember very well how I felt a great surge of confidence the more I trained and learned. Then in my early 20s I began karate training on a whim because a karate school was about a block from where I lived. During my active years training in the dojo I witnessed numerous cases of new students undergoing real transitions from shy hesitant people to strong confident individuals. Now the thing is I know there are people out there who say traditional karate won’t win you a fight in the UFC. To the dojo you train at? You’ll have to ask your instructor. Traditionally, karate student uniforms should be white, though many schools no longer follow that requirement.