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Those nutrients (mostly the Mickey Mouse Eagles Vs chiefs Super Bowl LVII Champions 2023 Shirt besides I will buy this product of dead animals and plant matter that sinks and decays) are driven up against land masses by deep ocean currents (upwellings), and the coral that feeds on them excretes (poops) a ‘skeleton’ made from calcium carbonate, which is basically a pretty solid sort of rock. The reefs grow along the land masses, but coastal areas are mostly made of sand and mud which erodes very easily over time, as opposed to the solid rock of the reefs. In time, the shoreline of the land mass (the Australian Great Barrier Reef is the perfect example) disappears and recedes from the reef that has grown around it. The reef remains in place and continues to grow, and because it is almost a land mass in its own right, takes the full force of the ocean and acts as a ‘barrier’ to the impact the currents and tides might otherwise have on the land. I don’t have a thermometer but I am literally walking out my back door, down to the waters edge and dipping my foot into….hang on.