Squirreltee – Super Bowl 2023 Travis Kelce 87 & Jason Kelce 62 LVII T-Shirt

Yes it does. Organic cotton in would shrink just like normal cotton. The term organic means no pesticides are used while growing the Super Bowl 2023 Travis Kelce 87 & Jason Kelce 62 LVII T-Shirt Furthermore, I will do this cotton and a minimum amount of chemicals while manufacturing ( not zero but a bare minimum). It does not effect the way the fabric behaves post wash. Most fabrics manufactured today have a process that pre shrinkss the fabric during finishing process. This actually reduces the shrinkage of the fabrics to 3 % to 5% depending on the blend and composition of the fabric. Organic cottons have no exposures to antibiotics, commercial fertilizers, pesticides and so forth. That means less hazardous exposure for people. Possibly because the softer the cotton, the higher quality it is, which means it’s more expensive. People don’t want to pay a lot of money for a t-shirt. I will say, though, the softest t-shirts I own are not 100% cotton. They’re a thin cotton-rayon blend.