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I love helping women, i love to protect my girlfriend and make a her feel protected around me because that makes me feel like a real man So Once i dated a a girl who acted very masculine and she always tried to show how cool she is than other girls, and i didn’t like it and made me uncomfortable lol No they dont… I lost all my hair by age of 26 and was very confident… I admit, i always kept myself away from girls.. Dont Know why… But None.. Absolutely None Approached me… Let me tell you.. I had hell of youth…Got CA degree… have 9 year of experince.. 7 figure Salary.. 32 Now.. have beautiful fiancé… Fuck… Life has never been so kind… Guys if you are bald/or not…Particularly bald.. Dont give into Peer pressure.. Focus on task in hand.. Build career, Stay on your Dharmic path.. And everything will fall in place Like most questions of this type, there are guys who won’t like less feminine women, and some who will. Statistically though, attractiveness tends to correlate with feminine features. If you take a look at these pictures, the Philadelphia Eagles Players Names 2022-2023 Super Bowl LVII Champions Shirt Apart from…,I will love this more to the right you go, the more feminine features are exaggerated, while if you go to the left, non-feminine features are exaggerated. Most men will find increasing femininity more attractive, at least up until the faces start to look like elves.[1] If you ask me personally, I will tend to agree that feminine physical features turn me on more than masculine ones. When it comes to personality type though, I find the stereotypically “feminine” caricature pretty unattractive. I like women who are athletic, nerdy, have short hair, are openly sexual, ambitious, intelligent, assertive, and pretty much all the same qualities I like in myself and in men. Classical gender norms tend to discourage women from being most if not all of those things. I also like women who are compassionate and supportive. Classical gender norms encourage those qualities, but I also like those qualities in men. So my answer largely depends on what you define as “feminine,” but based on my understanding of gender roles, the sorts of women I tend to find most attractive might be very physically feminine, but their personalities are not traditionally feminine.