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More generally, that a long tie is appropriate, a bow tie is also appropriate. (There are exception when one is wearing a uniform, whether military, work, or in situations where the Real Women Love Basketball Smart Women Love The Arkansas Razorbacks Shirt besides I will buy this dress code is otherwise dictated to that level.) However, as someone who often wears a bow tie, I’ll often go with a long tie if I think a bow tie would distract. Thus, if I’m wearing a suit for a business occasion with people I don’t know well, I’ll typically wear a long tie. Similarly, I’ll wear a long tie to a funeral, unless I know both the deceased and the other people who will be at the funeral well. I don’t want what I’m wearing to detract from the purpose of the event. Savvy men (and ladies) who wear suits know that a neck-danglin’ piece of cloth is a liability in a scuffle, and thus those edgier professionals endeavor to punctuate their presence in a way reminiscent of a gift, eg a bow, rather than something that calls to mind a noose at worst and a leash at best, such as a necktie. How many slang terms for murder involve the word “necktie?” At least six. Unless you’re James Bond or it’s the end of the night at a party where you wore the bow tie (tied) and everyone is now kicking back and relaxing…yeah, probably not a good idea.