Squirreltee – NC State 2023 ACC Men’s Swimming & Diving Champions shirt

As a child I was brought up in a nudist family so I was nude all the NC State 2023 ACC Men’s Swimming & Diving Champions shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this time (and still am). When my friends came to play they very often got nude too. Swimming pools are like having a tiger in your back yard. They can kill. I lived in Daytona Beach when I was a young adult. Everyone had swimming pools. Every summer there would be a few drownings. Mostly kids. I pulled my landlady out of her pool one afternoon. She had a stroke while in it. When I got to her she was already blue. Thank God they revived her at the hospital. When I was dragging her out of her pool, I accidentally hit her head on the edge of it, and caused her to have a head injury. The police almost accused me of attempted murder. I think they would have if she had not lived. I worked at Howard Johnson as the night desk clerk. One evening I got a call from the family of a young man who drowned in the hotel’s pool a few months prior. He had been in town for spring break with friends, got drunk and drowned during the wee hours of the morning, even tho he knew how to swim, was healthy, and young. It was one of the hardest conversations I have had to participate in – in my entire life. They were so heartbroken.