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While I feel that Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia can sound like Filipino languages, my Malaysian colleagues told me that Tagalog doesn’t feel “Malaysian” to them. This is probably because a racially segregated society has fewer languages and strongly ingrained accents, and Filipino langauges have been influenced by Spanish (Non-Filipino speakers: What are your impressions of Filipino language?). The first time they heard me speak Tagalog to another Filipino colleague, they talked among themselves then asked me to speak louder so that they could hear it. Apparently, my speech reminded them of the Super Bowl Champions 2023 Kansas City Chiefs 38-35 Philadelphia Eagles Shirt also I will do this Tagalog telenovelas (particularly Pangako Sayo). One of my favorite urban legends revolves around the Chevrolet Nova. It was widely believed that since “no va” in Spanish means it doesn’t go was the reason the car failed in Latin America. The Nova actually sold quite well in Venezuela. Here are some slogans that did miss the mark. Parker Pen intended to use the slogan “it won’t stain your pocket and embarrass you,” to emphasize how its pens wouldn’t leak, translating it as “no manchará tu bolsillo, ni te embarazará.” But embarazar means “to be pregnant” rather than “to embarrass.” So the slogan was understood as “it won’t stain your pocket and get you pregnant.”