Teespix – Ron Washington Fungo Royalty Shirt

50 or so years later, the Ron Washington Fungo Royalty Shirt and by the same token and company Brown, Davis and Co of London (The home of all that is good in menswear) developed the first shirts that buttoned all the way down the front. Prior to this all shirts were what we would today call a pop-over. Around the same time, many poorer men were wearing Bosom Shirts, which had the front of the short and collar as a separate piece, either stitched, pinned or buttoned to a cheaper shirt. The very poorest men would wear these alone, under their suit coats. This continued until the early 20th century and the advent of the washing machine. This allowed for easier washing and collars became more usually attached. The original polo collar, or button down collar shirt was common slightly earlier, being brought to the US from the UK in 1896. However these were strictly sporting attire until the 1950s, the button collars being designed to stay flat when haring about the polo field on horseback. So, to answer your question with when the modern type of attached collar became common, it was during the 1920s and 30s, with increased use of washing machines. However the collar has been more usually attached and detached at different points in history.