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“I came into this with a neutral approach, and tried not to think about [the Heart Wisconsin Sports Team Logo Shirt also I will do this ethics of dog grooming],” says Dahan. “It was when I was at the expo that I started feeling sympathy for the dogs, due to their stark obedience and poised posture. I’m pretty sure they don’t understand what is going on—that this is entirely for the owner’s excitement. But ultimately, being an observer in this space I could see that the owners really showed affection and love for their dogs.”The creation of Creative Styling entrant 175, Morgan Castleman.An audience member admires an entrant to the creative grooming competition: Mikhail Williams’s patchworked pet. Right after 9/11, I looked around and had a realization: The rest of the world was as scared to fly as I was. Yes, I am a person who has suffered for decades with a crippling fear of flying. It’s a delicious irony to some—my mother is most famous for writing Fear of Flying—but to me, it’s mostly annoying.