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At our second house meeting, we established each of our AORs (or Areas of Responsibility) in the Arkansas Razorbacks Champions Sec Men’s Track & Field 2023 Shirt so you should to go to store and get this community. We first laid out what parts of the community needed someone responsible for their well-being, then basically asked who was interested in being in charge of each of those areas. In less than an hour, every roommate had his/her own AOR: everything from internet to finances to security. As an AOR owner, one could delegate tasks to other interested roommates; solicit the house for advice or support for a project/purchase; or simply just maintain equilibrium in that area of the house and only share details when asked. After a few weeks spent defining our intentions and creating a solid foundation for our community to build on, we still needed to name our community. Immediately, everyone thought they had the perfect name that both encompassed what our community stood for while also providing some sort of pun. But we weren’t a bar, or the title of an 80’s action thriller–we were a group of people brought together to create something bigger than ourselves. But how do you define (or even agree on) what that thing should be called?