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He’s all grown up now, and late potty training has not left him in any way impaired. Isn’t that the This Girl Loves Her Winnipeg Jets Diamond Heart Shirt moreover I will buy this goal of parenting? it’s not about getting everything done as early as possible, it’s about producing functional adults. Sometimes that means waiting. If the child has nighttime issues put them in diapers at night. Nighttime dryness often is obtained much later than daytime dryness. Be kind to your child because one day they will be changing your diapers. In my experience (20 years working at a preschool) children do not differentiate between a diaper and a pullup. Pullups are great to START potty training, and for bedtime and long car trips, but in order to successfully potty train the child needs to feel it when they are wet. When my son was training, I was able to roll up the rugs and put them away, and if he had an accident it was either on wood or tile. Obviously this won’t work if you have carpet. If you can keep the child outside for a lot of the day, or if you can protect the floor where they spend most of their time, put the child in underwear. I know the accidents are a pain, but training will actually go much faster than keeping the child in pullups that cause confusion. Also, FWIW, the calmer YOU are about accidents, the less your child is likely to have. When the child becomes afraid of upsetting Mommy, they may try to hide the accident, and that gets even messier.