Squirreltee – Mile High Hockey Denver Pioneers Shirt

4. Lastly, comfort is the Mile High Hockey Denver Pioneers Shirt What’s more,I will buy this key reason. It is very easy to feel the seams and buttons on your skin if you aren’t wearing an under shirt. Also button up shirts tend to be made of stiffer fabrics that aren’t as breathable or soft as cotton. Therefore, I just prefer to feel cotton on my skin as opposed to an unpleasant fabric. These reasons are just my own, but I think they hold true for many people. Also, it is really just what we are told to do. When getting taught to dress it is just told to put an undershirt on. I wear women’s shirts all the time. Are they noticeable? Yes, if I also wear women’s jewelry, a woman’s handbag, women’s jeans, and a woman’s jacket or coat. Above: This t-shirt is noticeable because of the cute way it’s tied in the front. Untie the knot and it may not be noticeable.