Squirreltee – Damn Right Texas Longhorns Women’s Basketball Fan Forever Signatures Shirt

Above: Another outfit with a traditional bra. So what do you think? Is there a noticeable difference between an outfit which includes a bralette vs. an outfit with a traditional bra? It honestly depends on the Damn Right Texas Longhorns Women’s Basketball Fan Forever Signatures Shirt besides I will buy this shirt or T-shirt. I feel like I can pull off both, but it really just depends on the style and fit of the shirt. Reason being is because they can be worn with almost any outfit, looks good on anyone and I really like the way it looks on me. I Am 14 and a boy, I have decided to wear bras everyday in my life because in my past I have had emotional, physical, and mental abuse… and I have severe ADHD and depression. With me wearing a bra to school and in my life where ever I go, I feel safer and I feel more open and confident, because it “hugs” the part of my body where it just calms me down. This is in all caps because I’m yelling this to make a point. IT IS COMPLETELY FINE WITH ANY AGED GUY TO WEAR BRAS AND PANTIES!! It’s okay and I recommend it for guys who have a tough time keeping calm and need a discrete way to hug your body to feel more calm. It helps me. I don’t care if I get put down or bullied, because I know who I am and what it is for. And plus it is really comfortable, it does get kinda annoying when you sweat or move around a lot, but get the right size, shape, and texture and it is really helpful.