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Ultimately, the Arizona Sports Team Johnson Doan Nash And Fitzgerald Signature Shirt besides I will buy this decision to sleep without a shirt is a personal one and should be based on your own comfort and preferences. So you sleep naked? Good for you!! It is the most comfortable way and allows you a little more freedom to move in bed and will help to keep you just a liitle cooler in warmer weather. I think if I remember, I discarded my pj’s at about age 11 when I started puberty. I’m not sure of the answer, but I heard a story of a baby born with no eyelids. The doctor informed the mother that there was an operation available that required the baby’s foreskin to be grafted on to replace the eyelids. The mother appeared a little concerned and asked the doctor, “won’t that make my baby cockeyed”? The doctor replied, “possibly, but it will certainly give him foresight”. The funny thing is that scientists aren’t entirely sure why humans need to sleep. We know it accelerates recovery. But we also recover when we are awake too.