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In Being, everything is perfect. Being needs for nothing – no stimulation, no distractions, no change or improvement, no accomplishment or fulfillment, not even ‘enlightenment.’ It is already full to the Purdue Skeleton Dunk Gold Bloods 2023 Conference Champions Shirt it is in the first place but brim with just Beingness, primordial Is-ness. The only thing that could pull you out of just Being, of feeling you need to do something, to add something, to get something, to get ‘enlightenment,’ is mind, with all the judgments and psychological assessments it overlays on this moment, this unfathomably complete now of just Being. That’s what Ramana meant when he said “Be as your are.” Just Be. Not be your restless, crazy, never-satisfied-always-searching mind. Not be your life story, or your life situations. That’s just all the stuff we layer on top of who we really are. Just Being. Pure Being. He said, ”Be as You Are.” Krishnamurti was saying precisely the same. “I rest in choiceless awareness. Not in the always judging, always assessing, always ‘choosing’ mind. In the restless mind, it always feels like something is happening, or something needs to happen, or, out of restlessness, I desire for something to happen. But Being is just Being, just Awareness, where I reside. Not in the mind. So I don’t mind what happens.”