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While checks can err into casual wear, Andamen’s shirts are made of a fabric with a sheen to it that is way luxurious to be mistaken for a Sunday brunch shirt. Made with Egyptian Giza cotton, these shirts are comfortable and will last you a long while so while the The Mike And Vic Show T Shirt it is in the first place but shirts are a bit pricier, they’re an investment. So an inductor has reactance. It obeys Ohms Law but with the current 90 degrees lagging the applied voltage. The reactance is calculated according to frequency. In fact, we can roughly back-calculate the reactance by connecting it to AC and measuring the RMS current flow. Those EEs reading this, please bear with me in this extreme oversimplification. You could use that with the formula for inductance, frequency, and inductive reactance to calculate the inductance. “L” is the symbol for inductance, measured in henry or H. An iron core inductor is more complex than I’ve indicated here. Leakage inductance, magnetization current, and loads of other things. Get a secondary winding with a load involved, and it gets really weird.