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Answer: Community work may be of different types. The work is aimed to help the New York Yankees Eat Sleep Baseball Shirt Additionally,I will love this community, which may be done on a voluntary basis, such as helping to provide food, education, or other basic necessities for those who do not have the means even to buy for these in their living. It may also a person working individually to keep the environment clean and tidy. The community work is usually done by a church or other voluntary organisations in the community or on an individual and voluntary basis. Often helpers in these organisations are not paid to do the work. They do it voluntarily with the belief that they can help their community in some ways. As such, their interest may be described as altruistic, a love for others in need and less fortunate than them. Therefore, I believe it is more than just being enjoyable to help others, but to possess an attitude of care for others, a care for the environment too. For example, I have friends who pick up waste or rubbish such as empty food containers and plastic bags, to keep the environment clean. They told me they do this out of a service to the community they care for and love. It is also an enjoyable exercise, seeing a clean environment, and keeping the environment clean for everyone. So you may certainly describe this as love and care for the environment and the community. It may be enjoyable, since this involves more than just doing the physical work but doing it from the heart. This is how I see community service.